As a consultant, I help companies resolve organizationally disruptive internal problems like infighting, inertia, mistrust, and miscommunication. I help senior executives craft lasting solutions to longstanding and to acute organizational issues as a confidential advisor. My work results in both immediate and lasting results, guaranteed.

I consult through Mouthpeace Consulting LLC and On-Demand Leadership. On occasion, I also provide limited advising through Critical Skills Nonprofit, a 501(c)(3) public charity that provides communication and leadership skills training to profoundly underserved populations.

For consulting inquires please contact:

Rebecca Henley
Director of Operations at

Praise for Geoff’s consulting 

“Geoffrey is a five-tool consultant: brilliant strategist, inspiring teacher, keen listener, incisive coach, and gifted writer.”

Manuel Morin, President, Control Ergonomics, and Former Managing Director, Dallas Cowboys

“Geoffrey’s consulting and advice helped All-Pro successfully navigate a critical turning point in our business. Geoffrey takes everything in, listening so closely and absorbing information so completely that when he finally talks, workable solutions quickly emerge in places that had previously been knotted with problems.”

Brandon Berryman, owner of All-Pro Auto Reconditioning

“Geoffrey helped me improve my business, and more important, he helped me improve my life. A gifted communicator with a remarkable ability to connect quickly and meaningfully with people, Geoffrey practices what he preaches.”

Ned Lavelle, owner of Pinthouse Pizza and multiple Jimmy John’s franchises

“Geoffrey’s clear-headed thinking and timely counsel have made a major positive impact on the life of Grace After Fire.”

Kimberly Olson, CEO/president of Grace After Fire