Meet Geoffrey Tumlin

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You can find my formal bio here.

Here’s the informal one: I was born and raised in Texas and I’ve lived in New York, Georgia, and Hawaii. I have a smart sister who’s an immigration attorney in LA and I am married to a smart woman who loves dogs and businesses. I drink puerh tea in the morning, and I try to stop eating by 5:30 p.m. so I can get a good night’s sleep. If I had to live my life over again, I’d do two things exactly the same: I’d marry the same woman, and I’d serve in the infantry as a young man. And the one thing I’d do differently is start practicing yoga at the earliest possible age.

Most of my career decisions spring from a singular motivation: People fascinate me.

  • I went to West Point because a General told me that’s how you get to work with people (seriously).
  • I became an Infantry officer because that’s where the people were.
  • I got a Ph.D. in Communication from UT Austin because that’s where the classes about people were.
  • I started my first consulting company before I had even finished my doctorate because consulting let me rub shoulders with interesting people outside of the university.
  • I worked at UT’s Center for Ethical Leadership because few things are more clearly about people than ethical leadership.
  • I wrote Stop Talking, Start Communicating out of the concern that our increasingly expedient communication methods were straining our relationships with the most important people in our lives.

I do my communication consulting through Mouthpeace Consulting LLC and my leadership consulting through On-Demand Leadership. I also founded and currently serve as board chair of Critical Skills Nonprofit, a public charity that provides communication and leadership skills training to profoundly underserved populations. Mouthpeace Consulting and On-Demand Leadership donate a portion of profits to Critical Skills Nonprofit so the nonprofit can provide free communication and leadership training of the highest quality to people who wouldn’t otherwise receive it.