Bad communication makes everything worse.

Many organizational issues seem intractable because previous attempts to address the problem piled on damage and made the underlying issue harder to resolve. Facilitation prevents organizational problems from getting worse, and provides your best opportunity to resolve underlying issues.

A skilled facilitator helps channel everyone’s good intentions, avoids problematic pitfalls and dangerous detours, and prevents damaging conversational escalation. I frequently facilitate important business meetings, board meetings, and employee gatherings. With a skilled facilitator, difficult organizational issues can be discussed with the proper balance of sensitivity and frankness to promote meaningful progress toward a resolution or a workable truce.

If you have a lingering problem, if your previous attempts to discuss an issue have resulted in counterproductive or damaging conversations,  or if you have an important upcoming gathering, facilitation services can help the gathering be much more productive.

For facilitation inquires please contact:

Rebecca Henley
Director of Operations at tumlin.com