Organizational Change

Things can go wrong in organizations in countless ways.

I get calls to help troubleshoot organizational problems all the time. Sometimes it’s a company that’s facing an unexpected surge in customer complaints. Other times it’s an organization that’s losing its best employees, a CEO who’s in conflict with her board, a senior manager who’s struggling to motivate his employees, a firm that’s struggling to turn around a failing division, or a similar type of pressing organizational issue.

In most cases, previous attempts to address the problem haven’t worked, and there’s recently been a culminating event where frustration about the issue has boiled over. A skilled and discreet adviser can be invaluable when you’re facing a difficult, sensitive, or complex organizational problem. Change initiatives usually last between six and twelve months, but improvements are evident within weeks.

Although no two change initiatives are exactly the same, most initiatives proceed through five phases:

  1. Identification of the root problem. What’s the underlying problem, not just the presenting symptoms?
  2. Development of the solution. What’s a solution, and how can we ensure a critical mass of organizational supporters?
  3. Implementation. Launch the solution (this phase is measured in days and weeks).
  4. Adaptation. The changes increasingly start taking hold and shaping behaviors and actions (this phase is measured in months).
  5. Maintenance. The changes have become norms, and we work to keep it that way.

A change initiative will help you fix the kinds of difficult problems that may have defied your previous attempts at resolution. You’ll see conditions improving almost immediately as we start attacking the root problem and implementing a longstanding solution in a change initiative. The organizational problem that’s disrupting your company will improve. Guaranteed.

For organizational change inquires please contact:

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