Endorsements for Stop Talking, Start Communicating

“An indispensable guide for better communication, improved collaboration, and the kinds of productive connections that can make our work and home lives more meaningful and fulfilling.”

Ken C. Hicks, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Foot Locker

“Geoffrey Tumlin presents the solutions we need to significantly improve our work and home interactions.”

James V. Kimsey, founding CEO and chairman emeritus of America Online, Inc.

“Geoffrey Tumlin knows his stuff. We’ve got a problem with our communication today and Geoffrey has the solutions. Read it!”

Jefferson Howell, former director of the Johnson Space Center and former Marine Forces Pacific Commander

Online Reviews

Amazon Review by Fitz: Just finished this book last night and must say it’s life altering. For starters, “Connectivity doesn’t equal communication.” Just b/c we have the ability to connect with others and even sometimes engage verbally, it doesn’t necessarily mean communication has taken place.

Amazon Review by Illyria: Life-changing, paradigm-shifting books don’t come along that often, and for me this book was both. It goes beyond “no cell phones at the dinner table” to remind you that just because the human mind can invent this technology doesn’t mean the human mind can actually keep pace with it. Our brains have limitations, as do our relationships, and it’s not only okay to understand and accept those limitations, it’s vital.

Amazon Review by Doctormom: This book is a game-changer, and a useful tool for everyone. Unless you are living alone in a cave without an internet connection, then you need this book.

Amazon Review by Ryan: It is a smart, insightful and engrossing read. This book brought clarification to many effects of communication that I had only passively considered. Tumlin identifies the hurdles of communication and offers pragmatic strategies for dealing with them. But utility aside, this book is brilliantly written. Sharp, witty, and succinct. I will absolutely recommend this book to my friends.

Amazon Review Tim Taliaferro: Readable, compelling, far-sighted, and humane, Geoff Tumlin’s book is a must-read. You’ll breeze right through it, and probably want to take a second pass at it. The book really can change your day-to-day life–for the better.

B&N Review by Firehawk316: The advice that Dr. Tumlin provides is relevant, humorous, and can be used by every generation. I recommend this book as a successful look at how our society can begin to recapture the art of real time communication instead of falling prey to the easy lower order talking that is proliferated with improved technology.

Amazon Review by Timothy Hutchinson: The author is a very experienced organizational communication guru owning his own consulting firm. All the caveats given in his book are based on empirical results from scientific research studies. It is definitely a must read for anyone who would like to improve their communication skills in any types of social contexts.

Amazon Review by Diane Beckham: His writing is so elegant, you will tear through the pages, laugh at his on-point and self-effacing examples, and after you’ve read it, feel excited about the power of good communication to improve your personal and work relationships. The example in Chapter 1 about Bernie and the West Point tailgates is only one of many that will touch your heart.