Valentine’s Day Special

go here Posted on February 10, 2014| by Geoffrey Tumlin

This year, dump the clichés and communicate a Valentine’s Day message that’s meaningful and real.

If all is well with you and your Valentine, think of a legitimate compliment that you can give the special person in your life. The best compliments are short, accurate, and sincere: “I’m glad to be married to such a great listener; thanks for always making the time to let me talk”, “Thanks for your love and support for the past few difficult months; I’m grateful”, or “You’re such a great role model for the kids; I’m glad you’re my husband.”

Saying something real and meaningful means that you don’t head for the gushiest cards in the aisle if your relationship is going through a rough patch. You’ll run the risk of your message being perceived as inauthentic unless you pick a card and write a short message that you can actually get behind, like “Although the past few weeks have been tough for both of us, I believe that what we have together is worth trying to fix. I’m glad we’re working to make things better. Happy Valentine’s Day.” enter

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving the gift of a meaningful human connection. It’s what people really want.

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