Stop Talking, Start Communicating Posted on August 19, 2013| by Geoffrey Tumlin

click Stop Talking, Start Communicating was officially released last Friday. This week’s blog explains the primary reason I wrote that book: today could be the golden age of communication.

Today’s remarkable digital communication devices make staying in touch with people all over the world cheaper and easier than ever. But they also distort our priorities, fragment our concentration, impair our ability to listen, and interrupt our face-to-face interactions. The result is scattered attention, more conversational errors, and strained relationships which degrade our quality of life. The golden age of communication remains frustratingly out of reach.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our new digital devices aren’t to blame for our increasing communication errors; we are. We haven’t improved our communication skills fast enough to compensate for the increased power and reach of our communication tools.

Smarter use of our new devices and a commitment to improving our communication skills will help us transform the unfulfilled potential of the digital revolution of the last twenty years into the golden age of communication today. Fewer errors, less confusion, and more meaningful conversations are all well within our grasp.

Better communication, one person at a time and one conversation at a time, will make the golden age of communication a reality. That’s why I wrote get link Stop Talking, Start Communicating.

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